Ways to make money with a blog

If you have a blog then you must have thought about monetising it, at some point. Now, I’m not saying everyone should do this, you need to make sure you’re doing it at the right time. If you’ve just started, don’t go overboard, it can be built up slowly.

Before making money from your website, consider these key points:

  • Wait until you have a decent amount of traffic, use Google Analytics to track your website traffic and see that have a fair amount of traffic from different sources, including social and organic search
  • Make sure that you have quality, valuable content that is useful to your reader
  • Have a specific target audience in mind, your advertising will sell and perform better if you are targetting your content well

There are many ways to make money from your hard earned writing once you have enough valuable, relevant content to move forward, here are some ways you can make money from your blog:

  • Selling your own advertising space – In terms of adverting, this will always make you the most money but you need to be able to get the clients first.
  • Google AdSense –  One of the more popular ways to make money from a blog. Google have their own guidelines on how to do this but there are also a few great articles about how to get your website approved.
  • Display advertising – You only need to set it up. BUT if you don’t have enough traffic, it won’t do anything.
    • The placement of the ad makes a big difference to the ad
    • If you see that an ad does well, contact the company and ask if they would like to place a spot on your site
    • People will click on ads that are relevant
  • Affiliate marketing – This is where you’re selling someone else’s product. You’re like a re-seller. – So, what does your audience want to accomplish? What do they need to achieve their goals? Sell those things. You should tell people that you are promoting something. Needs to be a niche site.
  • Selling your own products / service – Why not craft an e-book from your blog and sell it for a small fee? If you’ve written enough posts, it should just require a bit of extra work to turn it into a quality e-book that you can sell or give away in exchange for an e-mail address.