Building your digital presence is like starting a shop

Whether you are a butcher, a baker or a candlestick-maker, being online is essential for your business. This analogy works particularly well if you are running an online shop, but it really applies to any type of business.

Building your digital presence is essential for business nowadays as it’s the easiest place to find your customers. It’s also one of the cheapest and easiest ways to sell your products.

Drumroll please..! This is how you build your digital presence:

1. Get a Website

The website comes top of the list because it’s the bricks and mortar, the physical evidence. Imagine your website is the building, you put all of your products in, a sales person (the shopping cart) and you design it to make it look appealing. 

2. SEO

Now imagine you’ve built your shop. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the council building, the roads and the sign company, allowing customers to get into your shop and showing them how to get there.

SEO is what gets your website into the Google search mix, there’s no perfect science to getting it right, it’s more of a fine art. Always use white hat techniques and never buy links or spam people or Google will penalise you.

3. Social Media

So you’ve got a shop filled with products, there’s a road leading to it and signs telling people how to get there but where are the customers? In the past you would place adverts in the local news, hand out flyers or network but now you can find them on social media. This is where you create interesting content to direct customers to your website.

Remember, you don’t never to be on every social network. In fact, don’t be on every social network, it’s rarely a good idea unless you’re a huge corporation with many different messages to put out. Pick and choose the right one for your audience to get maximum benefit and don’t think you need to be on them all!

4. E-mail List

This is your phone list, where you collate all of your loyal customers and potential leads or sales. An e-mail list is essential for telling customers or clients about new promotions, sales or new stock.

A good, interested e-mail list can be extremely valuable to your business, you can call on them when you have something to say. To build up your list, ask for their contact details with engaging promotions, perhaps a free e-book or put out some really interesting content that gets people to subscribe.

5. A Good Marketer!

This is your general manager. If you don’t have the skills yourself, hire someone who does or get a company to look after it for you. All you need is a vision and the rest can be managed by someone else.

Sites like freelancer, peopleperhour or upwork are great for finding the right people with the skills you need, you could also use an agency that can offer all the services you need with account management thrown in too.