Amazon Dash is Just the Start for the Connected Home

Amazon Dash arrived in the UK and people went crazy for it.

In case you haven’t heard, it’s is the one-button ordering device that means you can push a button if you run out of toilet rolls or washing powder – and within 24 hours a package will arrive at the front door. It’s also available in Austria and Germany.

Amazon Dash buttons

There are buttons for about 40 products at the time of publishing, from instant coffee to tissues. You buy the button – but get the cost off your first purchase. Then you choose the exact product and your delivery preferences.

There is a lot of scepticism around the ‘lazy‘ consumer who won’t move from their sofa for anything and would rather push buttons than walk down a shopping aisle.

Amazon say that the aim is to do away with the most tedious of shopping experiences like buying toilet roll and I for one, completely agree!

I hate shopping, it bores me to tears, I’d much rather do some work or exercise than spend 2 hours searching for Andrex in Asda. Do you agree? To me, this is an extension of managing my food, which I do when ordering shopping online.

So maybe you think I’ll be first in queue for a button?

No. This is just the start of the connected home.

It’s not quite there yet.


This is just the start


The connected home is the vision is that all devices in the home will be connected to each other by your home wifi or Bluetooth so they can ‘speak’ to each other. You will be able to remotely control appliances, like the Nest thermostat but with your fridge, doors and even your plugs are connected too. Imagine having an inventory of your food cupboards and fridge in your tablet so you can see exactly what you have and how much of it.

Now that will make ordering groceries really smart.

Amazon is showing us the start and I for one, think it’s brilliant. They’re getting consumers used to technology that will be on the way soon and by selling a few products at a push button, they are giving consumers a taste of instant deliveries, and giving them the vision of what else they could get, instantly. And by putting themselves first in the mix, they are securing their future in the connected world.

They’re showing customers the possibilities of a new technology by giving them a taste of what’s possible, This is a great way of generating excitement in an otherwise cautious public. Have you tried this in your business to ease technology in slowly? I’d love to hear your thoughts.